Greetings! I’m Lofi Monk (@Lofi Monk) – co-founder of EnchantBE. Some of you might know me from playing my addons or hanging out in Discord. We built this site because we Love Minecraft and the Bedrock community! We want to bring players and developers together. A place for developers to create communities and build teams. And a place for players to hang out and find all the newest and coolest addons.

For players we created a way to find other Bedrock players to  engage with. In your profile you can tell the world about yourself. Post about your Minecraft adventures to your timeline. See what other people are up to in their activity feeds. Find the newest addons, skins, maps, resource packs and other fun and cool ways to interact with Minecraft.

For addon makers not only can you post and share your creations here but you can build a community. We have given you the tools to build a relationship with the players who love to play with your creations. The tools to build a team to help you create your masterpiece. A place to ask questions and get answers. A place to share knowledge. A place to learn.

Hey, this is Adam (@adsalw), I am the co-founder of this website and I designed its pages. I am very proud of EnchantBE and wanted to work on it as I saw that this is exactly what the minecraft bedrock community needed. EnchantBE is not only a forum to gain help; its a place to learn and a place to share your skills and creations. Overall, EnchantBE is a social platform to inspire and unite the community. I truly believe that EnchantBE can make our community better.


I’d like give a special thanks to: Mojang for this beautiful game that we all love so much; Jannis for the amazing Blockbench, and solvedDev for bridge.I would also like to thank every creator in the Bedrock community that has shared. Not only your creations but knowledge and friendship.

Special thanks to Cleverlike. You are one of the many inspirations for creating a space like this.